c64Double Density Commercial

Arranged by: Putzi (act)   Veteran
Member: putzi (member)
Original composer: Markus Schneider
Tune length: 4:13
Release date: 10/05/2011
All-Time rank: 1814.
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This is the best remix I've ever done, with the most work I ever had. Unfortunately, quality is not recognised when people get it for get free. It is so damned easy to click on an icon that results in a bad vote. Click, next one please.

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4 Arne shouts: Nicely done remix. The drum samples are not my favourites. But all in all it is a good one.
4 AcidBlock shouts: Pretty innovative approach. Although I think piano melody doesn't fit with the other sounds too well. Also that reverb on the bass sounds pretty weird...
5 ifadeo shouts: Good one, me likes!!!
4 Xenox.AFL shouts: Nice version... @Arne: Drums are really not the best, I don't like the hihats!
3 LaLa shouts: I could do without the first 2 minutes of this remix - way too much high-end for my taste. The digital choir is also too whiny. I'm not impressed by the arrangement, either.
3 weasel shouts: Where is the good INNOVATIVE and good OLD PUTZI-style!?? ! :-/ Bring it BACK please... I want a COOL NEW putzi remix again finally!!!!!! C'mon!!:-/
4 pie vs pie shouts: Good use of undersampled drums nice driving bass choirs not great but overall a good remix
6 MusicFan shouts: Love the piano not too overwhelming. The twist into the electric part takes the song into another place which could be neat in video
6 c64glen shouts: The Piano and the Choir sound excellent.
6 AnnaBeep shouts: Awesomato! :D
5 Chainsaw shouts: Very special 2 minute "intro". The drums are too strong in comparison to the rest of the remix. Anyway, I loved the original and this remix is also great.

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