c64Boulder Dash (Funky Pebbles)

Arranged by: Rauli (act)   Remixer
Member: Rauli Sulanko (rauli) (member)
Original composer: Peter Liepa / Copyright (C) 1984 First Star Softwa
Tune length: 2:35
Release date: 07/03/2002
All-Time rank: 989.
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REVIEW BY LaLa (04/02/2003)

The famous little tune played (well, sequenced) on an acoustic guitar - I quite like it! Sounds surprisingly good.
Technical Impression: 0
Artistic Impression: 0
Nostalgic Impression: 0
Overall: 4

6 birdy shouts: Best Boulder Dash Remix I've ever heard. Really great!:)
5 datucker shouts: Discovered this one recently. Great oldstyle funky drummer beats!
5 omoroca shouts: Funky! Cool!
3 NecroPolo shouts: Great idea - but why the wimpy MIDI ac guitars...? With a real one and this beat - that would be really killer.

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