c64Cauldron II [live at The Church]

Arranged by: Reyn Ouwehand (act)   Veteran
Member: Reyn Ouwehand (Reyn) (member)
Original composer: Richard Joseph
Tune length: 4:34
Release date: 28/04/2008
All-Time rank: 194.
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On the first Sunday Service I did with Leoni Sven requested Cauldron II in the style of easy listening/elevator music. So I went for this cheesy bossa nova thingy... I never plan what I do and this is all improvised on the spot... in fact, often I'm just as surprised as you guys how things turn out..

Just like Green Beret and Nemesis the Warlock I already did made some edits to keep the pace of the music. But unlike Green Beret this is mixed 'on the spot' during the show so there are some mixing issues in this track that sadly can't be fixed. For instance the Rhodes solo and the drums are a bit loud... but hey...

The 'trick' you hear is that I use some hardware loopers and build up all the instruments on the spot one by one. Hence the 'weird' build-up. In this case I first recorded the drums to set the initial loop. Then added some percussion like a shaker, tambourine and a triangle. Then bass and a spacy Rhodes take. Some Mellotron sounds like the famous 8-voice choir and clarinet sounds. And then played the melody with a Theremin sound to keep the vibe of the original Cauldron track. Nice and spooky... 

If you want to hear the original full length 9 minute version check out the archive on the Sunday Service website: http://sundayservice.reyn.net . It's the track somewhere at 21:30 from the show on the 3rd of February 2008.

If you like this and want to request your own tracks and styles, and wanna join some great people online, don't hesitate to listen to one of the next Sunday Services... 







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REVIEW BY ggeudraco (01/05/2008)

This remix starts off with a good drumbeat to get you started; it's not too complicated and gets you warmed up. This soon gets accompanied by another well chosen instrument about 30s later, which then gets replaced with another. This is a different method being used here, and I think it works much better than the previous way, which used up to about five instruments at the same time.

The choice of using Mellotron and the choral is very wise, adding to the spooky theme that Cauldron II is supposed to provide. If you were told that a Rhodes piano would make a good proportion of this remix, it would be hard to comprehend, but there actually appears to be no problem at all using it.

In general, Reyn's not putting in too many instruments at the same time, letting off one if one more needs to be used. It's very well edited and laid out, but I would wish for a few more bars of the Theremin at the end of the track. It would really suit the spooky setting to have a long outro, like it was in the raw Sunday Service version - this would be my only qualm with the remix. I very much enjoy this and denounce the criticisms Reyn makes in his blurb (sorry).
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

5 brix shouts: Great elevator music!
6 prowler shouts: Absolutely my cup of tea!
5 c64glen shouts: Reyn does it again
6 Amok shouts: Very, very impressive...
6 LaLa shouts: Impressively mixed live, awesome, awesome, awesome.
6 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Outstanding! Both thumbs up for Reyn one more time!;)
6 Skitz shouts: Reyn, you complete me! This is yet again simply amazing!
6 Danceaway shouts: This is 70's porn stylee... LOL... Outstanding Mr Ouwehand.. Give us more...
4 condor shouts: Does not earn very good one in my book, I appriciate the effort, but... Sorry :)
5 Agemixer shouts: My humble individual vote for the week... Well done Reyn! But this is too jazzy for my taste =)
6 chilli_uk shouts: The quality is awesome on one of my least fav sids - awesome!
6 nicodaemus shouts: *shakes his head and mumbles* Crazy... Just crazy... This man has gone completely bonkers... I LOVE IT
6 8bit-army shouts: Perfekt!
4 guru512 shouts: I like the original track, but I hate any kind of jazzy remixes, even if they are made as pro as this one.
6 PICRARD shouts:
5 anaconda shouts: Note: This is far from my cup of tea, but I caught my foot in tapping to the music! This Reyn as we know him. The arrangement is incredible when you consider how it's performed!
4 Nebdar shouts: Nice but not my style
6 Makke shouts: You've got to hand it to Reyn, he knows what he's doing.;)
6 Scyphe shouts: This gets the red vote for the outstanding jazzy improv. In fact, this could just as well be the soundtrack to any great 70'ies giallo. :D
6 hillsman shouts: I am still amazed that he just came out with this on the spot after a quick listen to the SID! Had to laugh. Leoni was speechless and Reyn sounded almost embarassed that it was so bloody good!!
6 omoroca shouts: Spooky! And great e-piano solo @ 2:00! Added to my collection. Added to my Halloween mix, too!;-)

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