Arranged by: Reyn Ouwehand (act)   Veteran
Member: Reyn Ouwehand (Reyn) (member)
Original composer: Neil Baldwin (Demon)
Tune length: 3:44
Release date: 26/01/2007
All-Time rank: 341.
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Instruments used on Garfield:

tack piano, mellotron, fender rhodes, gibson howard roberts guitar, epiphone wildcat guitar, marxophone, glockenspiel, solina string ensemble, hofner bass, rogers drum kit, 2 shakers, 2 tambourines and some sweaty handclaps..


Cheers, Reyn.




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6 Waz shouts: Now this I do like. I make no apologies for giving it a red, it's like a mix of instruments from all my favourite kids TV shows blended together by a Blendtec blender and just syrupy sweet at that. And the production's fab!
6 Skitz shouts: This is obviously the definitive remix of Garfield! Reyn is just a genius when it comes to live play.
6 Dan shouts: Great sounding, excellently put together and as normal, superb production
6 Makke shouts: I just love the sound! Reyn's a genius.
6 moog shouts: Ah! It's simply marvelous. Reyn, You scare me :D
5 infamous shouts: 60's stylee and well done, capturing the spirit of one of the cartoons from that era perfectly.
6 dafunk shouts: Hah! This is just fantastic! No surprise, what could one actually expect from a living legend besides pure magic? ! Reyn we LOVE you! :D
6 soppa shouts: The live video is impressive to say the least, makes you wish you had such talent. The style in this remix suits the tune perfectly, definately outstanding.
6 LaLa shouts: Outstanding arrangement that keeps the feeling of the original. Very organic, obviously played live by a talented musician. This remix would fit very well into his excellent Nexus 6581 album. It's just wonderful!
6 chilli_uk shouts: Jesus, where does one begin. Lets just say it gets a Red - its mega
6 klosterkatten shouts: If there was somthing higher than "outstanding", this tune would have been it.
6 condor shouts: All is said :)
6 damien shouts: A fantastic remix of a little known tune, excellent production and performance! Just AWESOME.
5 eliot shouts: Very nice, but the original tune is too limited and repetitive.
6 romeo_knight shouts: Genious!
4 omoroca shouts: Sounds like some Mike Post TV series theme. Suitable for a lawyer series or a sitcom. Swings!
4 mfe shouts: Well mixed, but just too repetitive for my taste. Would work great as backing to a Garfield cartoon though :)
3 rossa shouts: Good execution but to repetitive and void of originality
6 DJB shouts: Reyn, buddy, you are a genious!! Having a girl who loves Garfield I've had the chance to sit down and watch all the old classic episodes (before the Garfield+Friends days), and this so reminds me of those cartoons. Just overall EXCELLENT!!:)
5 prowler shouts: Nice stuff, even if it's not my favourite genre.
6 Nada shouts: Simply fantastic. Period.
6 quinch shouts: Fast and yet mellow, not stalling anywhere and oddly reminiscent of Sesame Street.
6 KF shouts: Just fantastic...
5 MORBID shouts: Very nice!
1 karl_xii shouts: The orginial tune is very bad so...... Sorry, any remix cannot change it.
6 weasel shouts: Haha!! He did it again! GREAT classic cult tune.... And a GREAT remix here! Reyn, you rule till today! No doubt! Do LOTS more of such stuff please!
6 vassago shouts: Argh! Can´t stop wiggling! Damn you, Reyn! XD
5 sebuko shouts: Flower Power meets Garfield. That sounds real crazy but really cool! I like it.
6 Ph0B1uS shouts: Only one word is needed to describe this tune: Perfect.
6 LMan shouts: Excellent performance and production, true to the original. Reyn r0xX.
6 Ultra Maximum Prime shouts: Produced very well, and I love this feel good stuff. And Garfield is cool. I don't think theres any suggestions to make on how to improve! Awesome
6 commodoremuseums shouts: Miowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
6 maskkkk shouts: Love it! And it's amazing the way this guy cranks the whole song out all by himself! I saw the video.
6 8bit-army shouts: Perfekt!
6 Twinbee shouts: As others have said, This one is fantastic. I wish we could see some of the older youtube videos redone in high quality!
4 Melaure shouts: Funny

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