c64Wizball (high score)

Arranged by: Reyn Ouwehand (act)   Veteran
Member: Reyn Ouwehand (Reyn) (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 2:36
Release date: 11/07/2002
All-Time rank: 1749.
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This version of the Hi-Score of Wizball was made years ago for the Galway Remixes CD I made. On the CD it's used really in the background as a sort of bed and put in lots of reverb. (like Band in Rain from Jean-Michel Jarre). 

A lot of people asked for a 'clear/separate' version and I thought it would be nice to put it here...







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5 LaLa shouts: A rhythm resembling Jarre's Eminent organ on Oxygene + a clarinet + a talented musician = a very nice remix of Wizball.
5 omoroca shouts: This one sounds so wonderfully cheap! Like some old Casio keyboard with auto accomp! I love it! Added to my collection.
4 iolo shouts: Nice rendition, but it's not Reyn's best work.
6 8bit-army shouts: In it's own way perfekt!
6 NecroPolo shouts: I take it as an amusing musical joke :)
5 kenaup shouts: Nice, happy!
5 skranken shouts: Funny tune. Would fit as gamemusic to a Mario game on Nintendo.

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