c64Mission AD

Arranged by: Robert Mansfield (act)   Newcomer
Member: Robert Mansfield (robertmansfield) (member)
Original composer: Fred Gray
Tune length: 3:26
Release date: 23/08/2005
All-Time rank: 571.
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5 Makke shouts: Not very good production wise, but the idea is so good I had to give it some extra points for the vote.:)
5 Skitz shouts: Although this sounds too "sequenced" in places to give it that true orchestral feel it is a really nice remix. There are some nice "Vangelis" touches here and there also!
5 Tas shouts: A LOT of effort has gone into this and the results show it.. Gets an extra mark just for the effort and idea. Production could still do with tightening up a little but this is a good good effort.
4 Waz shouts: A different take on Mission AD, but nonetheless promising. Maybe not enough orchestral oomph in there but it sounds well produced and clear.
5 vosla shouts: Has some thin spots regarding very artificial sounding instruments. Nethertheless my favorite remix of the original.
6 devilhood shouts: Beautifully arranged and nicely executed regardless of the sequenced feel.
3 eliot shouts: Sounds steril, lacks on emotion, does not catch me...
5 bizarro shouts: Good effort, sometimes a bit too sequenced, and some harmonies don't work that well (in my ears...)
6 hinnschli shouts: Overwhelmingly good! Captures the original spirit as no second version does! A true killer! Robert Mansfield - gi´ve us more!!!
6 westerling shouts: Damn fine instrumentation!!! I LOVE the bassoon part! Questionmark ending?
5 tags shouts: Beautiful remake, but some more effort could've gone into making the instruments sound less synthetic
6 mcgibbits shouts: This one definately gets my full points! Always liked Mission AD tune, also in this cool version!
6 infamous shouts: Ooo this reminds me of a tune I heard elsewere remixed (chrono cross I think it was).. Its synthetic orchestra's but it works.. And works really well on my ears.. Really enjoyed this and felt the effort put into it.. Something rare nowaday's.. Well done
6 bobmil42 shouts: Simply epical sound!
4 nettuno shouts: Good work, but... Calm yourself: the strings section is not a F1 machine!
4 anaconda shouts: Good to be a synth orcestra tune.
6 hamster2.0 shouts: Wow... To think some of these songs would fizzle out of memory in time. Now with with todays technology we acheave amazing things like this. Wow....
6 LMan shouts: Whoa! Menacing! Vibrant! Emotional!
6 nec5 shouts: Superb orchestral work. It blares a bit at times, but there are some outstanding spots.
6 deadguyfromhun shouts: Iszonyat jó lett! Annyira megfog, akárhányszor hallgatom újra és újra, nem tudom megunni!
3 omoroca shouts: Tries too hard to sound like a real orchestra. Poor effort in that respect! Good arrangement, but that doesn't save this tune from being Average all in all.
6 Lysander shouts: Nice symphonic music!
6 zajos shouts: Is this track from 2005? I heard it first just now. Why isn't it Outstanding in average??
6 arotto shouts: Awesome arrangement! I'd never have imagined that the original could be made to sound that good.

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