c64The Last Ninja (NinJazz in the Wilderness)

Arranged by: Rondo   Newcomer
Original composer: Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
Tune length: 3:10
Release date: 03/09/2011
All-Time rank: 1546.
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5 LMan shouts: Haha, now here's a different Last Ninja remix. Excellent idea.
5 _steve_ shouts: Not as refined as Rune-Bertil's swinging efforts, but a fun take on a well known classic tune! Great effort :)
4 LaLa shouts: This is a fantastic idea in dire need of much better samples, especially when it comes to the trumpets and saxes. But the arrangement and beat is spot on!
5 NecroPolo shouts: Now THAT is different. Excellent idea with not-so-excellent sound - brasses put some lifelessness in an otherwise breathing+alive music carpet. The arranger's work is top-notch. Welcome to the board :)
3 SarahKreuz shouts: Synthetic trumpets almost to ruin it. The rest is okay
5 brix shouts: Nice Idea! Gives the whole thing a completely new feel without destroying the original tune. Last Ninja in New York - 1960.
4 hillsman shouts: Wouldn't go amiss in a 60s martial arts movie! Horns are a little off, but a fun and original arangement.
5 Melaure shouts: Yeah!
5 ZnL shouts: Yeah, what a nice Way to remix this tune!
4 LPChip shouts: Not a bad tune, but the sounds are too synthy imho. Especially that trumpet.
4 vincenzo shouts: Definitely has the vibe, definitely needs better instruments. Would love to hear this track played by a real band.

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