c64Boogie On a Spring (JP style)

Arranged by: Rune-Bertil's (act)   Remixer
Member: ulfepulf (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 3:09
Release date: 06/02/2011
All-Time rank: 1030.
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On this tune, I went for authenticity, away from the usual plastic-ness. The only instruments that are artificial is the piano and the saxophone. The others are either sampled or played in full on live instruments.
I also turned the tempo down a notch, because I think the original is perfect for boogie.

It was worth a try



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5 Boz shouts: A great booie-woogie take on Hubbard's original work; it's really great to hear these different genres being tried out and Rune-Bertil's version is spot-on!
1 RemixFan shouts: Not my style.
5 Mordi shouts: One of the more unique RKO 'bands' strikes again. Not something I'd listen to a saturday afternoon, but technically proficient.
3 SarahKreuz shouts: Really nothing special. But it will get tons of "Bravo" here on RKO, just because it`s from you. ;) (the older Tracks, R-Type and Delta for example, are far better - no doubt about that). Very average
4 LaLa shouts: This style - while executed to perfection technically - just doesn't seem to suit this tune. The high degree of artificiality of the instruments is no help, either.
5 vurtx shouts: It put a smile on my face :)
6 johnschwarz shouts: Made me smile! Also gets better as it goes on, dig that sax!
5 _steve_ shouts: Remixfan - it may not be your style, so don't vote then. The tune is very well made and fun to listen to, so mark it on it merits rather that your taste.
5 pie vs pie shouts: Sounds are good.. But the hubbard sid is so damn unique I cant see where anyone could take this I like the piano (real or not ) but it muddies up all else massive kudos to the effort tho
5 Arne shouts: Very good boogie-piano-remix. I like it.
6 Danceaway shouts: I am loving your remixes, this is just perfect for Thing on a spring, top stuff
4 Nada shouts: Ok albeit it doesn't sound very "real". Yet, I don't understand those giving the lowest vote, just because they don't like the style! What about execution? If you don't like the style, don't comment on it, find a track closer to your taste elsewhere!
6 T & T shouts: Perfect style for Thing on a spring.
6 rotteroy shouts: Love it! This is my style!!!!!!! :p
6 CharlieC shouts: REALLY something special!
6 Mrcookie shouts: Ah yeah. Boogie boogie baby. It makes my fingers tip the rhythm on the table.

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