Arranged by: Rune-Bertil's (act)   Remixer
Member: ulfepulf (member)
Original composer: Johannes Bjerregaard
Tune length: 4:31
Release date: 21/02/2011
All-Time rank: 483.
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I would like to dedicate this to my Aunt Marie.

Thanks for your votes!
The original tune is amazing, and I thought long about whether I should actually make this remix. I was sure we would be getting very mixed feedback, since the original is a great favorite with the sid-fans.
But, I just had to

Thanks LaLa for Our first review! Much Appreciated

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REVIEW BY LaLa (23/02/2011)

This is brilliant. You've taken my favorite SID tune and managed to turn it inside-out - and strangely enough, it works!

The intro sets up a fast pace, but the slow(er) sax lead compliments it nicely. This duality remains throughout the remix, giving the moody melody an uptempo swing backing.

I think the instruments could use more polishing, but the ingenuity of this remix is in the arrangement.

Well done, thanks for letting me hear this tune in a completely different context!
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

5 vurtx shouts: Only Rune-Bertil's could make a sad emotional tune seem so damn happy!
3 k_rostoen shouts: I think this sounds a bit like it's done in a rush and I'm not quite sure I think Sweet fits this music genre.
6 T & T shouts: Sweet! @ k_rostoen: You can't do it like this in a rush.
5 Mordi shouts: Great. Obviously a clash of styles, but it's interesting. I don't care much for the snare (rimshot? ) used though.
3 SarahKreuz shouts: Sweet as Jazz? This doesn`t work very well.
6 rotteroy shouts: I guess someone feels stepped on their toes when Rune Bertils proves that anything can be jazzed, inclusive "sweet"! Cool as always!
6 kjetiln shouts: Hahahaha! Love it! :D
5 LMan shouts: Impressive, no doubt about it. It would have been a good opportunity to try some slow jazz, though.
6 Arne shouts: Excellent swinging music. Great flow and very good sample chioce...
6 Jimbob shouts: It doesn't sound rushed to me, it sounds like a great deal of effort has gone into this. Superb!
6 pie vs pie shouts: Pure quality once again from this amazing group cant wait the world tour ;)
5 ryrynz shouts: Catchy, like it, added!
6 dwaindibbley65 shouts: Nice!
6 putzi shouts: What a swinging jazz sound, top mixage, great work :-)
5 Chainsaw shouts: Normally I don't like this remix-style, but this one is nice
6 CharlieC shouts: I'm glad you did this! Original and brilliant!
4 omoroca shouts: Probably a good rendition. Only problem is: I *hate* Jazz!
5 CookieMonster64 shouts: Cool Remix!
6 sebekmaj shouts: Sweeeet!
6 carpii shouts: Not a track I could listen to over and over, but its excellent all the same

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