c64Green Beret (title screen)

Arranged by: SHEN LON (act)   Remixer
Member: Shen Lon (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 3:57
Release date: 20/12/2017
All-Time rank: 763.
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5 Dr Future shouts: Good production.
5 Joe Mc Lutz shouts: Nice indeed!
6 L0rd3vyL shouts: Love it
5 LaLa shouts: Very pleasant, nothing complicated, but what's there is done well.
3 Nordwind64 shouts: I do not recognize the original music until the second minute, that's too late for me. For me a remix has to be better recognizable.
6 Marcus shouts: Spacesynth at it's best! Very smooth pads-I like that.
5 bgmnt shouts: Dreamy. Hard on the edge to this cheesy dancefloor stuff, but stays in the cool corner :)

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83% (19 votes)


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