Last Ninja Wilderness loader

Track info
Last Ninja Wilderness loader
Arranged by:
SHEN LON Remixer
Composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
All-Time charts position:

While I was creating this remix I heard about Ben's death ... I'm very sad!
See you up there ..... Ben !!!

An excellent remix that seems poignant in light of the recent news of Ben's passing... Synthwave meets Last Ninja cooked to perfection.
A professional production for sure! I'm not normally into dance remixes but this one has nice sounds and is well arranged. Love the first minute build-up and the outro, think I would've liked the whole tune more in that style.
Great remix :) RIP Ben Daglish :(
Finally someone has thought about the remix of this song!!! Great job!!! Thanks Shen Lon!!!
A rather acceptable remix that Ben and Anthony would approve of. A kick just in the right place aswell as lovely synths too. My first log-in for years and it's nice to see one of their tunes together at the top. RIP Ben and Anthony.:(
Great Tune! You be za Ninja!?, no Ibiza-Ninja! :D --- RIP Ben Daglish.:_(
Another Great song!! Many Thanks!!!!
Amazing Remix well done!
Thank you very much, SHEN LON! Nailed it again, man!
The wow-ed sound at the beginning is quite annoying, but the rest.... Awesome work, beautiful
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Having listened to Last Ninja and played the game hundreds of times, this loader for me was a nice surprise. you should be commended for such a fabulous remix!