c64Enigma Force

Arranged by: Sid Peasley (act)   Newcomer
Member: Pär Sving (sid_peasley) (member)
Original composer: Fred Gray
Tune length: 2:04
Release date: 21/12/2005
All-Time rank: 1976.
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5 Makke shouts: I sort of expected it to burst into a Ska arrangement after the intro. :) I love the energy of the tune!
5 Skitz shouts: It rocks along nicely - could do with some more "live" feeling is my only critism..
6 romeo_knight shouts: Fuck, this is rocking! There are some flaws, and the mix is IMO a bit too dirty, but there's nothing that rivals a real drumming maniac! Who's the drummer? Tell me!
4 dimmignatt shouts: It had a really nice intro but the following part got me on a HUH?? Where did the tempo go.. =/ Some mixing flaws.. Keep it up.
4 eliot shouts: Fuck, this is too much guitar... Rocking? More an heart attack....
6 ifadeo shouts: Great work! The remix sounds raw but in good way.
4 weasel shouts: Intro was promising.. But it drifted to much into 'average' in the general ongoing. No real speciality later one anymore.
4 Tas shouts: A good mix here if feeling slightly robotic in nature.
5 sye shouts: Spot on the feeling I remember from the game. Loved the music then - love this now :-)
5 LMan shouts: This one emits a lot of energy!
6 deadguyfromhun shouts: Very powerful!!!!!!
6 anaconda shouts: OMG! The intro is maybe the best version of this tune. And it just gets better and better! The intersections is just awesome. Some flaws, but it doesn't pull this down!
3 omoroca shouts: Only orchestral stuff and Heavy Metal this month? New ideas, please!

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