AmigaLethal X-cess - Lethalness

Arranged by: Silok   Veteran
Original composer: Jochen Hippel
Release date: 19/02/2012
All-Time rank: 634.
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3 Dr Future shouts: Not very well known part of the title-music, ehhh?
5 skyrunner shouts: This is the menue music! My personal favourite from the game and this is a very good remix, not 100% faithful, but I like it very much!
5 nummer2 shouts: Maybe not well known but well sounding I love it
5 ryrynz shouts: Kewl sound, please upload in 192+kb/s
6 TheMessenger shouts: Excellent! I really like this one. I don't know the original, but I admired Hippel's style, and this one comes very, very close!

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