Track info
Arranged by:
Sperling Veteran
Composed by:
Juha-Matti Hilpinen (AMJ)
All-Time charts position:
Straight forward remake. Well produced and well done!
The original is so raw that it takes guts to try a remix. Sperling delivers, however, by making a no-nonsense 'If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It' with extra bells and whistles. The result is pretty damned good!
Not only bold to do a remix of this particular SID, but also in the same style Dafunk did - Kudos! However, it falls short on athmosphere due to the dryness of some of the elements. Also, would have liked more rawness in this. Love it though!
As I do like this style of techno music in general... Brilliant piece of music.
This is nice :)
I've been waiting for a new Selfmade. Exe remix, and when I saw one up I expected it to be crap. I was wrong! This was really good, a little low on the bass but otherwise great!
Love it! Some traditional trance stuff with epic sawleads. Simple sid turned into a decent remix.
This as a stand alone track in any club would be awsome as a sid remix it is even better... Brilliant
Never heard this tune before but it's your remix oozes class so I'm keeping it, good job.
Not my genre, but very nice!
Great execution of a classic track!
Yeah, this is great
Didn't hit my cup of tea really though... But it's ok though.
Perfect, dobra robota Paweł ;)
Classic Trance track, well arranged, good instruments, close to the original, still not too repetitive and boring, what else do you need?
Very powerful. Makes my body move to the beat.
Excellent tune
Like Boz said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. " The original *is* tough to try to remix. I don't like the style of this remix, but I don't really like that style of techno music in general, so that's nothing against this song. Great job!

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