AmigaGODS-Planet Beats and Bass - PowerTrace Version -

Arranged by: SYcroz (act)   Veteran
Member: Tony Kammerer (sycroz) (member)
Original composer: Nation 12
Release date: 21/08/2011
All-Time rank: 1018.
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Remix of a remix... why???


someday i heard the remix by powertrace and i remember, that i have the same vocals in my vocal-archive (vocals by kate lesing, i like the powertrace remix very much, but i had some other ideas and so i ask powertrace to use the vocal-samples again and he said: do it ! and so i do it...


have fun...

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4 Dr Future shouts: Nice mashup. Remix of a remix of a remix...
3 SarahKreuz shouts: Why should someone Remix an already existing Remix? Pls stop this nonsense and come up with your own ideas to give the original gametrack a little twist. Though; this Tune over here isn`t bad at all. But... Well, no fresh impulse here.:/
5 james_mcl shouts: I don't think "remix of a remix" is entirely accurate - this is sufficiently different to PowerTrace's version that I see it as a different Gods remix using the same vocal samples (albeit differently - neither track seems to use them completely.)
2 TheMessenger shouts: It's not that I would detest the idea of a remix of a remix! But this doesn't bring all the fond memories of the excellent title tune of "Gods" back, sorry! The new vocals are completely beside the point...

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