The Impossible Mission Story

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The Impossible Mission Story
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Production Notes:

First of all let me say, that at least for me Impossible Mission was the first true milestone in gaming history IMHO.
And therefore the reason for this project was the fact, that this game never has a soundtrack or some kind of music in it.
If you ask me what I associate with the c64, then the first thing that come to my mind is: IM.

The early idea was back in 2001, now finished in 2011. There were so many other things going on that the work
on this piece was interrupted all the time.

A side note: You may ask why the Instruments often sounds not that good as in other state of the art tracks.
A thing you have to consider: From the beginning one of the goals of this project was, that I want to show what
you can do only with freeware. So the fact is, that everyone can do this without spending a single penny, as far
as he/she has some goodies/studio gear like Roland, but that's not a must.
It means that almost every sound you hear is free to get, aside the Roland with his expansion boards (which is neither 
overused anyway nor is it irreplaceable).

I cannot go straight ahead without giving some credits to great composers:

The line at the end of chapter 3 is in honour of the great Lalo Schifrin, who wrote the original Mission: Impossible tune

(but far from his genius).

The first line in chapter 4 is (not so obviously) Les Humphries, but further developed.

Second line is (obviously) John Barry, but further developed. In the previews on youtube you can hear that I first throw it out,

but later then I decide to take it in again to give it some Bond flair, and I think it was the right decision.

The line at the end of chapter 5 of the Final Edition is David Arnold to give it even more Bond.

This project was inspired by many influences:
Lalo Schifrin, Serge Colbert, Chris Hülsbeck, Yello, Relation SCT, Jeremy Soule, Two Steps from Hell, and even Wetten, dass...-tunes.

In the beginning I planned to make it together with an old friend of mine (from school-days), but then I have to do
it as a one-man-show. That's the reason, why there're two guys in the plot.

So all voice acting was done by myself (except the laugh in chapter 3), and that means: ALL voices

The sub-indices for the track are the following:

01  The Story
02  A New Mission
03  Between the Elevators
04  Into The Trap
05  Six Minutes Left
06  The Finale

_Bonustrack_ Alternate Ending: Mission Completed,  not included here, visit 
_Bonustrack_ Another Mission,  not included here, visit

(of course you can watch vids for every single track which are very generic, mind you, but they explain my plot
in more detail)

The Alternate Ending track was formerly called Calling The Base, but I decide to take it out and make an extra
track out of it, cause I thought it don't fit into the mood of the whole thing.

The new FX you hear throughout the track are made by myself, as I made not only the music but also the SFX for a
(possibly) new remake of the game.

For more information on the new remake of Impossible Mission visit Mikkel Christensen at:

For more information on the making of by Ian Price visit:

Hope you enjoy - and thank you for listening.

The Rainmaker

The Impossible Mission Story
A fairly enjoyable medley-like tune (although I've never heard about the C64-game it's based on) - parts of it reminds me of the Tron: Legacy-soundtrack, which is good all by itself.
A quite nice tribute to the game lots of work gone int it
Not really my cup of tea... But nevertheless it surely was a lot of work here! Therefore it's at least a yellow with me...
The Yello-ish approach is very nicely done, cool track but maybe a bit long.
Too much talk for me but it has great highlights. Nice effort.
Almost like listening to an audio book on cassette...;-)
I can appreciate the work thats gone into it, but at 15 minutes, its just too long and a bit dull, sorry
So it seems I'm the only one with bleeding ears from the "Governator style" voice/accent, so be it :)
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This appearing on April Fools' Day on RKO, I was a bit skeptical, but it's actually a nice, grandiose ~15min epic featuring speech samples from Impossible Mission (and more). Just don't expect a level of Hans Zimmer or John Williams from it: neither the samples, nor the arrangement is up-to-par.

But nice touch with the Mission: Impossible reference towards the end. ;-)