c64Hypaball (Arok remix)

Arranged by: Teo (act)   Veteran
Member: teo (member)
Original composer: Keith Tinman
Tune length: 2:49
Release date: 04/09/2017
All-Time rank: 968.
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This one was made for Arok party's SID Remix compo (like most of my releases in the past years). We made a small challenge between Vincenzo and me: remixing the same tune for the compo: Hypa-Ball, because the melody got stuck in my ears forever. What I had in mind and the result is ofcourse completely different, as I did a last minute remix (like always), so went for the bassline instead of the melody, and ended up with this mellow housy remix. The compo was real fun, and kudos for Vincenzo making a fat guitar stomper with Necropolo's lovely riffs. See you next year @ Arok Party 2018!

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5 LaLa shouts: I really like how 'single-minded' this remix is, focusing on the bass line only. Cool chillout/house feeling.
6 vincenzo shouts: It was a pleasure to compete against you with the same track. Thanks for the kickass BASSLINE :)
6 chabee shouts: This is your style Teo and you do it very well!

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