c64Another World (Closing Title)

Arranged by: Thomas Detert (act)   Remixer
Member: Thomas Detert (tom) (member)
Original composer: Thomas Detert
Tune length: 3:35
Release date: 29/11/2001
All-Time rank: 1791.
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  • Another World - Soundtrack

Well..when IVO HERZEG (better known as MR.CURSOR ) came up with the Idea of Another World,he wanted to have a Title Tune sounding like ARMALYTE & ZOIDS.That's why I did something with lot's of modulation and FX-Arp's in the Backgroung and a looping Melodyline. After I saw the ENDSEQUENCE - PIC drawn by Thomas Heinrich , i felt that the picture had a special mood and I tried to capture the feeling with a very melancholy tune !

Another World (Closing Title)
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5 Nebdar shouts: Achh those nice times with c64
4 brix shouts: To be honest, I prefer the original to this. The original has such a nice strong and rough pumping bass and the synth line is no that spheric. The remix lacks the pressure and force of the original without adding a real new touch to it.

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