c64 / Amiga albumBMX Kidz

Arranged by: Thomas Detert (act)   Veteran
Member: Thomas Detert (tom) (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 3:30
Release date: 06/04/2008
All-Time rank: 12.
On album: Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3
Disk 1, Track 1
Remix64 V3 Syntax Era Get this tune here!


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6 Subzero shouts: This is just brilliant, what a way to start off the cd :) pure class
6 omoroca shouts: Always loved Paul Hardcastle, always loved the BMX Kidz soundtrack! And I DIG this remix!
6 Ph0B1uS shouts: Excellent remix! It really sounds like an original tune from the 80s in its' own right, love the bass in this one.
4 drcode shouts: Although BMX Kidz has some great things in the original version, it has also some issues that I don't like. The remix follows the original and has the same issues :)

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