c64Ace 2

Arranged by: Tim Forsyth (act)   Veteran
Member: Tim Forsyth (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 6:03
Release date: 27/06/2000
All-Time rank: 1179.
Download this tune at Remix.Kwed.Org

I reworked this for BIT live. Chris told me he wanted to use it, which left me in shock as there are SO many flaws in this version. (the click at the start of the club bit for example).

I went to re-record it, and realised I had lost ALL my original files and sounds.

So, over 4 evenings, I painstakingly re-sequenced and programmed the thing. The drums were the one thing I was so unhappy with at the time, so using a different package, I gave them a little more punch. The original percussion comes direct from a custom AWE soundbank!

I would upload it, but I would feel happier if I reworked the whole piece.

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5 omoroca shouts: Very close to the original, but I like it anyway. It has a lot of drive and has something... I don't know - "definite" to it.
6 LaLa shouts: I really like it! The main reason is that funky improvisational part in the middle. There are plenty of great ideas in there that keep this tune moving. Well done!

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