Tetris - OxyMix

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Arranged by:
Totta Remixer
Composed by:
Wally Beben
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My third remix for RKO

As you all are all aware of, Tetris is a really hard song to cover. Not only is Wally Beben's amazing song 25 minutes long but it also uses a rythm that is out of this world, making all attempts to remix it to sound more like a remake than a remix.

But there are also so much talent in the song. Wally really poured all his creative genious and artistic musical skills into this one. I'm sure noone could have done it better and it surely must be the musical masterpiece of his life so I still wanted to give it a try.

So how would I approach it?

I first tried it as a techno song but soon realized that the song's 3/4'ish rythm with a twist got totally lost in a straight 4/4 world. All soul just went out the window. I then persued it as a reggae song which actually translated quite well but I don't have the skills to make a reggae song sound realistic so that was also a dead end for me.

Finally I thought like this: Ok, the song is pretty close to a double time walz anyway. What songs are out there using this rythm (besides 90% of Iron Maiden's work?) Then it struck me... Oxygene 4 by JMJ uses that very rythm so why not create a mashup between them, just to see if it works!

So I sat down and tried to recreate the sound from Oxy4 but with the melody from Tetris instead... and it actually worked quite well.
Sure, it's not 25 minutes anymore, sure it's in a different rythm than the original, sure there's a more dominant bass drum in it, sure there's an electric guitar at the end. But it's still Tetris, right?

And before you ask: Yes of course it's intentional that I have changed the original chord progression in a few places to use the ones from Oxygene 4 instead. That was just to poke fun at their similarities. I'm a huge Jarre fan myself so I kindof like the end result quite much.

The question is: Can anybody find the original drum samples in my mix? They're there as an homage.

Another question is: How on earth did I find the time to do this remix when I also released this at the same time:

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Love the JMJ twist! Great tune!:)
Pretty cool.
Very strongly J. M. Jarre style, but because of that very good
Wow. Tetris is my favorite C64 tune and you did it justice - just wish it was longer. I hope there will be more good Tetris remixes in the future. Good work! Maybe a JMJ style remix-of-a-remix which is 25 minutes long? :) That would rock.
Very nice stuff with the footnote that Martin Dodd's Jarreliser method on his 'Thanatos' remix gets you more into the feel. Kudos for the attempt. This beautiful SID is hard to remix and I liked the way you interpreted it.
Beautiful! This is great. Added to my collection.
This should be the music for the next Tetris game
I don't remember very well original tune but this is awesome dance beat version!
Mixing Jarre and Tetris! Well done! Defintively one of the best 2011 remix!

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