c64Star Paws (Pawstrongs Virtue)

Arranged by: WeltraumAmy (act)   Remixer
Member: WeltraumAmy (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 3:06
Release date: 28/04/2008
All-Time rank: 2197.
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6 brix shouts: This is just so lovely and well written! For this SID the alternative style you chose was a perfect decision. But do I hear some soft white noise there in the background?
5 prowler shouts: Very nice arrangement! Never liked star paws, but I could enjoy this.
4 Scyphe shouts: Star Paws the orchestral way. Skilled arrangement, but what's up with the background noise? Anyway, this is a nice version not really rocking the boat.:)
5 Amok shouts: Very nice arrangement...
5 LaLa shouts: Great opening, great idea. The arrangement wobbles a bit here and there (like at around 1:20 with the violins), the instrumentation is too synthy, but well done.
5 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Very good remix. The arrangement really has its moments!
5 Danceaway shouts: Nice arrangement of a standard Hubbard toon..... Welcome onboard the 64 love train....
4 condor shouts: Great idea! Louder toms and you can score high! Close to ornge.
4 Agemixer shouts: My humble vote for the week.. Good arrangement... But something (once again) with the EQs, stereo image (almost missing) and a bit noisy (or is it just my site?)
6 Gregory Atlas shouts: Unbelievable song you did here I want more of this kind.
4 westerling shouts: Overall a good remix, especially the ending. But the middle part with the harp arpeggios with strings is quite harmonically disturbing.
1 nonick shouts: Just dont like kitsch orchestra versions
3 nicodaemus shouts: Don't get me wrong: I love orchestrals! But the choice here seems bad. The original tune had a completely different feel which was so unique for me that this destroys any nostalgia. Then there's EQ and reverb issues and some instruments sound like 8bit.
5 Mongo_Erectus shouts: Nice drum work.
3 anaconda shouts: Started out very good, but unfortunately a few horrible parts pulled this one down in the mud.
5 Nebdar shouts: Brilliant remix, it could been better more polished. And by the way I love military tunes. Great job
4 Zilog shouts: Nice, but no more.
1 marko42 shouts: The synth orchestra doesn't work at all

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