c64Beat 'Em Up - Part I (Martial Arts medley).mp3

Arranged by: XxDUSTYxX (act)   Veteran
Member: XxDUSTYxX (member)
Original composer: Matt Gray
Tune length: 4:24
Release date: 01/05/2010
All-Time rank: 265.
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Beat 'Em Up - Part I (Martial Arts medley).mp3

Beat 'Em Up - Part I (Martial Arts medley)

Since my spare time is, literally, rather spare, my last remix is quite a while ago.
This time I composed a mid-tempo compilation of some of my favourite MARTIAL ARTS - games:

Last Ninja 2
Way of the exploding Fist
Chambers of Shaolin
International Karate

Primary I finished the keyboards and bass, then I edited the drums and recorded all guitars for days.
(Thanks a bunch to Chuckyyy for the masterful grunt @ 0:12, hahaha!)
And now, after a lot of prelistening and mastering, its finally finished. Enjoy in full blast! ;)

Best regards,

Beat 'Em Up - Part I (Martial Arts medley).mp3
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4 Dan shouts: Some nice bits in this and the melodies are well constructed but the use of the sid sounds just wrong and the mixing at times a bit muddy
5 LaLa shouts: Asian Legends hard rock style! Well done! Some parts are better than other, but overall, I do enjoy it.
5 Amiga500plus shouts: Not exactly my kind of music but catchy in any case. Bravo!
6 modi shouts: Wie immer guter Stof
6 AmiStyler79 shouts: Me likes it!:-)
6 ifadeo shouts: Top stuff.... Love it, outstanding work mate!!!
5 NecroPolo shouts: Good stuff! Nice arrangement. Downsides for me: drum sound is a little too plastic and mixing is muddy in places. I assume, there will be a PART II, go for it :)
5 Melaure shouts: Nice medley
6 Gothmog shouts: Another nice Metal Piece, love it!!!
6 Drunken Fool shouts: Incredible
4 SarahKreuz shouts: Good Track, but your Turrican-Metal is yet undefeated
6 Snake1 shouts: Awesome Medley! Awesome guitars and drums! Totally outstanding!
6 Waips666 shouts: Very good tunes!
6 GlenBenton shouts: THIS ROCKS!!!
6 Supergrobi123 shouts: WOW!!!
6 Amiga4eveR shouts: Hot stuff!
2 omoroca shouts: I hate medleys. And I hate aimless guitar noise. Absolutely not my cup of tea!
6 Kate Eternal shouts: I disagree with this, omoroca! Way to go, xxdustyxx!

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