Arranged by: XxDUSTYxX (act)   Veteran
Member: XxDUSTYxX (member)
Original composer: Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat)
Release date: 17/06/2007
All-Time rank: 707.
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Shock Wave (2007RMX)


Thanks for the first ratings.

OK, you are right: It is a weak remix indeed, but I didn't use any AMIGA-ORIGINAL-Samples for this remix.

I just made the mistake to choose 16-bit-samples that are pretty close to the original-sound.

I did wrong... ;)




Shockwave (Intro) Amiga Music

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4 Makke shouts: I'm not a big fan of using original Amiga samples in remixes, and I'm getting the feeling a lot of old samples were used here. It still works though, but it sounds a little like a mid-90s XM. Good effort none the less.
3 Boz shouts: Hmm. Wrong choice of instruments is my main bugbear for this version. Technically good and an accurate portrayal up the marks a bit though.
3 Sonic Wanderer shouts: Too many original samples. Flat mix. Uninspiring.
3 floaf shouts: Well, the original is a mod I've listened to a LOT and I'm not too impressed by this version. Every sound (except the padding) is in the center, and I lacks the punch and the feeling of the original.
3 Ziphoid shouts: After a shaky and uninspired start, it takes off quite well, but could've used better mixing and instrumentation.
4 kjetiln shouts: I don't like the kick drum, else this remake sounds really great!
4 drunkeneye shouts: Not a very good remix but hey, its a excellent song!! How about a re-remix? :D
5 MORBID shouts: I don't care about perfect mixing as long as the spirit is there. Very good interpretation!
4 chilli_uk shouts: Its ok -
5 prowler shouts: I like it even if the mastering could have been more solid/wider. Extra plus for the "XxX" in your handle, I remember doin that back in '90 in noicetracker too :-)
4 ikonsgr shouts: A favorite amiga tune of mine! Good remix but I think that the original was a bit more "powerfull". I've always expected from a remix to give this tune a much more strong feeling!
4 infamous shouts: Re-hash but it works alright I guess
6 schlicky shouts: Very good - could be more, erm, modern?
4 _steve_ shouts: A nice remake but lacks something. It feels a bit empty at times, and needs something to lift it.
3 praest76 shouts: Again, the samples.. If the sounds were more 2007 then the track would be rather spiffing. The sounds let it down immensely.
3 dimmignatt shouts: I'm working on a remix on this as well.. This gives me a reason to get back to it and try to do better. Arrangement was pretty good but use other samples that doesn't sound like the original
4 JustPhreak shouts: Good remix, but it's too close to the original!
5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Cool remix, nice done. Like the Shockwave Stuff since the original.^^

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