c64The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]

Arranged by: XxDUSTYxX (act)   Veteran
Member: XxDUSTYxX (member)
Original composer: Matt Gray
Tune length: 4:40
Release date: 16/01/2008
All-Time rank: 2842.
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The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]

The Last Ninja2 - Level1 (2008RMX)

Synthesizer meets kickin' Drums.

After the mastering my Remix got a bit muddy, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless! ;)



The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]
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2 nicodaemus shouts: Started off a bit above average-sounding with a nice feel to it, but then all the unnecessary effects, bad instruments and the very off-sounding part around 3:20 was spoiling a lot for me. All in all too muddy. If it wasn't LN it would be average.
3 Black Bozze shouts: The thing that lifts this tune is the cool metal drums, good sound :) Otherwise it feels a little too much "synthesizer on acid" with all the strange effects and sometimes notes off-key...
6 Amiga4eveR shouts: Outstanding!
4 talexo shouts: Guter synthesizer Sound zumal abwechslungsreich
3 symbols shouts: A GOOD ATTEMPT AND nice instrumental understandings, perhaps chording up some of the melodies wasn't a good idea, And the tempo was spot on but for the changes you made to the origonal you could have altered that. Like me you are learning though...
3 LaLa shouts: Great rhythm groove, uninspiring instrumentation, the arrangement is a bit thin, too much reverb on the lead. Not bad at all.
4 prowler shouts: Welcome back Dusty :-) I like the arrangement, cool baseline and nice ideas!! But the different instruments used for the leads are just too weak/hollow, ruining up the impact of this otherwise powerful tune.
3 omoroca shouts: A bit dull!
2 Waz shouts: Starts off promising enough but just sounds too weak on the whole - the mixing is muddy, there's some wrong notes in there (cardinal sin) and it's very flat. Needs a fair bit more work in the mastering department.
5 anaconda shouts: You got to be kidding me. I thought this sucked at the beginning, but then it turns out to be something completely different! Best Last Ninja 2 remake since the Dead Guys! I like the drums very much. People should learn from the composer.
6 Supergrobi123 shouts: Love it!
2 eliot shouts: The percussions work against the tune... The spirit of the tune completly lost....
5 GlenBenton shouts: Amazing work! Almost a red face!

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