Encore64 - New Album Available for Pre-Order


Encore64 is an upcoming new SID remix album that's already available for pre-order at the link below. The album is hallmarked by such noted SID composers and remixers as Danko, Peter Clarke, Glyn R Brown, Vincenzo, Romeo Knight, Tomsk, and also features the first published works from Fred Gray for over 2 decades. Check out the link for short previews, and ooh, look at that, they have merch available, too! Also, tune in to SLAY Radio on December 9 for a live on-air introduction of the album.

Submitted by LaLa
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FastLoaders: C64 Rocks - Kickstarter


The FastLoaders have a new album in the works titled C64 Rocks, and they created a Kickstarter campaign for it. The album will contain remixes of over 30 classic SID tunes, and the physical album will be packaged as a triple (!) digipak. Click on the link below for all the glorious details.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - October 2021


Remix News, October 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. Lots of releases this month, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Submitted by LaLa

"Epic Action" Album Kickstarter Unsuccessful


Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign for the Epic Action album by Prismatic Realms, an independent video game developer based near Toronto, Canada has failed to reach its goal. ☹ Click the link below to read their announcement.

Submitted by LaLa
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Back In Time 6 - Throne of SIDs
© (C) 2020 C64Audio

Back In Time 6 - Throne of SIDs

by Various Artists

Performed and programmed by: Chris Abbott
Producers: Chris Abbott and Kenneth "Slaygon" Mutka
Assistant Producers: Damian Manning, Russell F. Howard and Anna Black
Executive Producers: Steven Innell, Tero Kilkanen, Roland Fejes
Front cover by Ancellom, back cover by Trevor Storey

Track credits:
01. Defender of the Crown (Cuomo) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
02. Grouting (Marsh) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
03. Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (Follin/) arr. Pickering/Abbott, orch. Pickering
04. Forbidden Forest (Norman) arr. Abbott/Connelly, orch. Pickering/Tait
05. Kentilla (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard/Pickering/Tait
06. Black Lamp (Follin) arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering
07.  Sidherazade (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott
08. Knight Tyme (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
09. Master of Magic (Hubbard/Fast) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
10. Wizardry (Jarvis) arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering
11. Spellbound (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
12. Nemesis the Warlock (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
13. Zoids (Hubbard/Fast) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard

All tracks copyright High Technology Publishing Ltd. except Defender of the Crown (Cinemaware), Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (Capcom) and Wizardry (Graham Jarvis).

Kentilla is dedicated to Paul Cook

Thanks to all Kickstarter backers for their patience, and Rob Hubbard, Robin Tait, Alisdair J. Pickering and the Hull Philharmonic - vital, all!

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Listening Recommendation

 Dragons Lair 2 - The Romantic River Epic

Arranged by Maindrian

I think Maindrian is the new guy on the block with a guitar. Sounds like a classic rock ballad, with a very familiar drum beat going and some nice silent guitar work. Close to the 3 minute mark there's use of some phat distorted guitar, but well laid upon the other guitars. At the end, the song is as beautifully mellow as it was for starters.

I like this remix a lot better than the first attempt at Dragon's Lair 2 that Maindrian tried. I like it as much as Maindrians Times of Lore remix, it has the same melancholic mood to it, but this song is made entirely on real instruments, no SID usage. I look forward to see him giving more songs his great guitar treatment. If you missed out on his Times of Lore, go get it.

Review by immacolata

Random review

 The Analogue Ninja

Arranged by FeekZoid

Do they play this theme to Ninja babies? A musical box version of the Last Ninja, complete with pizz. strings and some gorgeous instrumentation. At 0:35 it stops being so cute and begins to develop a dark side. Further developments take the piece through an Art of Noise section, replete with banging drums and timpani and piano. An odd combination but it works here. It's weird, but it works.

Review by Chris Abbott

Latest Review

 Stranger in a Strange Land (Ensoniq Mix)

Arranged by LaLa

Lots of very recognisable undertones here.. 'Electric Dreams', 'Never-ending Story'.. Reyn's original doesn't hint that strongly at this genre and soundscape so, 10/10 for adapting it to this style.. The arrangement is faithful but, (and this is no criticism) The original doesn't leave much room to add more of your own parts like 'answer backs' to the main melody, (Reyn did it already in the SID). Your soundscape is really good. The individual instrument sounds that you've chosen absolutely represent the mid to late 80's era of electro-pop. A really enjoyable remix that only suffers from some of the repetition of the original SID. This is a tough SID to do anything other than a 1:1 cover with and you've done that really well... If I marked it down for adding next to nothing new to the arrangement, I'd be a hypocrite because I don't know what I could have added, in your place..

Review by Poke16384

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