An Interview with Jens-Christian Huus (Chordian)

Profile Chordian

Key points of discussion are:


• c64 composing

• Vibrants and his music editor

• DeepSid

• GameDeed

An Interview with Peter Clarke

Pete BallBoot

Key points of Discussion are:

• His composing days on the c64

• His time at Ocean Software

• His working relationship with Martin Galway

• His current work within the remix64 scene

• His own musicial works

An Interview with Glyn R Brown

Glyn R Brown

Here we have Glyn's Second Interview for Remix64. Key points of dIscussion are:


• Reworks of his classic Firelord and Times Of Lore remixes

• His album V.One

• Various YouTube projects

• A complete soundtrack composed as a film score of series of SID's taken from a well known C64 game

• A possible collaboration of two of the scene's heavyweights.

DeepSID Links now available at RKO and Remix64


Thanks to Kwed keeping track of all current HVSC links for the remixes, and Remix64 now feature direct links to DeepSID alongside each remix. This enables you to take a quick listen to the original tunes.


DeepSID is a massive web based SID player / library, created by JCH.

Check this out
Makke - It's Binary, Baby!

It's Binary, Baby!

by Marcus (Makke) Nilsson (feat. Andreas Wallström & Boz)

Contemporary retro pop that uplifts and amazes. A stunningly original CD in which Makke's personality shines through in every track! Highlights include the "happy hardcore but so much more" Glider Rider, the inspired hard-edged electro-synth and robotic vocals of "Cauldron 2-005", and the " Bonus tracks include Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" and Apoptygma Berzerk's "Bitch, as well as Makke's witty and acclaimed covers of Madballs and Artura, with Makke's Irish accent all but wiping your memory of his Swedish origins!

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Listening Recommendation

 Sidology 2 Trinity

Arranged by machinae supremacy

Oh my gosh! I love Machinae Supremacy, but I was always wondering why they never did 'Supremacy.' Needless to say, my face lit up at the beginning of this track. Legend has it that Machinae Supremacy always had plans for Sidology 2, but after the realized how epic 1 and 3 were, they were afraid they could never live up to it. I'm thrilled to hear this one, and almost 13 minutes, too! I can only give less than perfect on nostalgia partly because I was never on the original C64 scene, and partly because Machinae Supremacy makes every track uniquely their own. And their new album is coming out soon!

Review by zaphodchak

Random review


Arranged by Colmarr

Great choice of instruments as always. The wobbly theme that is the climax of the original starts before the halfway point here, then this version works towards an ever more frantic and noisy rendition of the brooding main theme, a bit Front 242-esque, followed by a pensive coda. Love it!

Review by krommenaas

Latest Review

 Guitar Slinger Plus

Arranged by Peter Clarke

A wonderful acoustic-style remix of a classic tune. There are some sections of it that lean towards country/bluegrass style (e.g. @ 2:04) - I wish that style was explored further. But it sounds amazing as is, no complaints whatsoever! =) And the second, downtempo part of the piece is just be-a-utiful!

Review by LaLa

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