New GRG album: Hands On Shadow of the Beast II & III

GRG - Shadow Of The Beast

The German Remix Group has taken hands on Tim & Lee Wright’s master pieces Shadow of the Beast II & III. The album contains eleven tracks. Nine remixes in the style of new age and orchetral and two SID remixes.

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude live on Kickstarter

Matt Smith Amiga Power The Album With Attitude Live On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign to create a new album of Amiga game music remixes, all of them connected with classic '90s magazine Amiga Power, is now live.



Journalist and long-standing AP fan Matthew Smith – not the Manic Miner creator – is seeking funding to create Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude, a double-CD collection of more than 30 brand new remixes inspired by the magazine. The first disc will feature tracks based on tunes personally selected by former AP contributors, while the second disc will contain tracks based on games and demos given away on the mag's coverdisks over the years.


A whole host of star musicians are involved with the project, including Andrew Barnabas, Allister Brimble, Mike Clarke, Fabian Del Priore, Olof Gustafsson, Jogeir Liljedahl, Joi, Jon Hare, Chris Huelsbeck, Barry Leitch, Patrick Nevian, Jason Page, Instant Remedy, Matthias Steinwachs, Jeroen Tel and Tim Wright.


Among the tracks set for inclusion are pieces from Apidya, Banshee, Blob, Cannon Fodder, The Chaos Engine, Fantasy World Dizzy, Fire & Ice, Gloom, Harlequin, Hired Guns, Jetstrike, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, No Second Prize, Pinball Fantasies, Sensible World Of Soccer, Shadow Fighter, Speedball 2 and Stardust, plus many more.


The album will also include a deluxe liner notes booklet containing more than 80 pages of facts, song lyrics, exclusive artwork and written contributions from the AP team.


If you want to grab a copy for yourself (in physical or digital form), along with a variety of bonus rewards, you can support the Kickstarter campaign here:

Submitted by Matt Smith

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Home Computer


PRESS PLAY ON TAPE are legends. This is their third studio CD, and it's a doozy, combining kick-your-bottom C64 remixes with original brain-beatingly good tracks. Although obliterated from Wikipedia by pedants who can't cope with reality, there's no keeping these guys down! Rock on!! 26 tracks of mayhem, a double CD, over 2 hours of music! Comes with a 32 page souvenir booklet, packed with photos of Soren. And some other guys, not sure who they are, but they look dodgy to me... *hehe* This album is not available to buy from us digitally, only from iTunes, but FLAC and MP3 Album packs are downloadable when you purchase the CD. * Note: all preorders have now been sent out * "PPOT delivers exactly what is expected of them, and their fans will love this CD. New fans will without doubt take it to their hearts too, because no matter if you're a fan of vocals on remixes or not, there's plenty of music to enjoy." - Andreas Wallstrom,

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Listening Recommendation

 Dixie Bits (country punk edition)

Arranged by NecroPolo

We need more of these: medleys of various tunes! We need more of these: fun little remixes in "traditional" styles! We need more of these: actual guitars instead of synthetic ones!

This remix should be included as a bonus track on a re-release of Reyn's "The Blithe, the Blend and the Bizarre" - it'd be a perfect fit.

I'd be a bit happier if it was more uptempo, but that's the only complaint I could think of for this piece.

Review by LaLa

Random review

 Sanxion Bigroom Remix

Arranged by daXX

...this remake absolutely, positively deserves more airtime for being upbeat and well executed. Love it.

Review by Ghydda

Latest Review

 Turrican 2 - The Great Bath - Orchestral

Arranged by Greg Eaton

Excellent arrangement! Love it! Execution wise it could be a little better, as it sounds a little dry. We can also hear it is not played by a real orchestra, although it is obvious that it is pretending to be. Plus for great arrangement, and minus for not sounding as great as it could be. I can only hope and believe that the arranger will improve and I can't wait to hear what will come from him in the future!

Review by kjetiln

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