Amiga Power Kickstarter almost over

Matt Smith Amiga Power The Album With Attitude Live On Kickstarter

Today is the final day of the kickstarter with massive talent involved, so if you want to participate, head there now.


The organiser Matt Smith wrote about it:


Splendidly, as we head into the last day of the campaign, we've hit the £19,000 mark and unlocked a new stretch goal. The deluxe liner notes booklet accompanying the AP album (in both its digital and physical incarnations) will now feature a full 100 pages of groovy stuff, including a special Complete Control section written by Rich Pelley, in which he’ll endeavour to provide solutions to all your problems – game-related or otherwise. Hurrah!

How much more can we accomplish in the next few hours? With your help, we could yet hit another stretch goal! There's still time to support the project if you haven't already, and continuing to spread the word about it would be a massive help too. Just click the link above for more information!

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude live on Kickstarter

Matt Smith Amiga Power The Album With Attitude Live On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign to create a new album of Amiga game music remixes, all of them connected with classic '90s magazine Amiga Power, is now live.



Journalist and long-standing AP fan Matthew Smith – not the Manic Miner creator – is seeking funding to create Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude, a double-CD collection of more than 30 brand new remixes inspired by the magazine. The first disc will feature tracks based on tunes personally selected by former AP contributors, while the second disc will contain tracks based on games and demos given away on the mag's coverdisks over the years.


A whole host of star musicians are involved with the project, including Andrew Barnabas, Allister Brimble, Mike Clarke, Fabian Del Priore, Olof Gustafsson, Jogeir Liljedahl, Joi, Jon Hare, Chris Huelsbeck, Barry Leitch, Patrick Nevian, Jason Page, Instant Remedy, Matthias Steinwachs, Jeroen Tel and Tim Wright.


Among the tracks set for inclusion are pieces from Apidya, Banshee, Blob, Cannon Fodder, The Chaos Engine, Fantasy World Dizzy, Fire & Ice, Gloom, Harlequin, Hired Guns, Jetstrike, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, No Second Prize, Pinball Fantasies, Sensible World Of Soccer, Shadow Fighter, Speedball 2 and Stardust, plus many more.


The album will also include a deluxe liner notes booklet containing more than 80 pages of facts, song lyrics, exclusive artwork and written contributions from the AP team.


If you want to grab a copy for yourself (in physical or digital form), along with a variety of bonus rewards, you can support the Kickstarter campaign here:

Submitted by Matt Smith

Check this out
Remix64 Volume 2: Into Eternity

Remix64 - Into Eternity

by Various Artists

The original "Remix64" title referred more to the community embracing the remixers than the content of the CD. And so it was that Remix64 - Into Eternity turned into a symphonic epic not a million miles away from the popular Merregnon series of CDs: there certainly is a teutonic air to much of the album. Highlights of the CD include Markus Holler's spine-tingling reworking of "Fist 2" with flute and ethereal vocals, and Thomas Detert's "Spellbound" which gives life to Rob Hubbard's own dark vision for the piece. Belying the computery artwork of the cover, this CD is a powerful piece of fantasy soundtrack more than it is a remix CD. Enjoy it at that level, and be blown away.

arrow_forwardCheck it out...

Listening Recommendation


Arranged by o2 & Marcel Donné

Let's face it: this is a damn good Jarre'ish remix. It reminds one immediately of Jarre's Oxygene part 2 when it has just started. It builds up, leaving the 70's Jarre-sound smoothly and then turns into a quite modern track. Great job!

Review by datucker

Random review

 Turrican (Falling Below Mix)

Arranged by Dreamer

Once again we have a Turrican remix that is NOT of the best tune in the game (the jetpack level). Most of this remix seems generic and repetitive. I like the spacious stereo effects but they can't save this bore. It's not something I can dance to or nod my head to at all.

Will someone please do a Trance remix of the jetpack level tune.


Review by gator

Latest Review

 Monty on the Run - High Score

Arranged by JB Xplodingfist

Firstly, welcome aboard and congrats on your 1st remix.. The thing that hit me straight away, on the 1st listen was the lack of a bass-line. This is a fairly straightforward tune with a common, '4 chord trick'. (C-Am-F-G) is a structure, responsible for more hit songs, in the 60's than probably any other. As such, it's one our ears are familiar with and accustomed to and it needs variation to make it sound 'fresh'. Although Rob's original bass-line sticks rigidly to the 'root' notes, to bed down the structure, a bass-line could have been a neat way to vary the feel of this.. Using 3 similar sounds for 'chord', 'arpeggio' & melody blends the mix a bit too much and buries the piano, melody line in places. The drums DO vary in places and the fills are nice but the kit, overall sounds a bit dry, (emphasised by the lack of bass-line).. The sequencing structure with identical, short note lengths, make for a mechanical feel to the tune. Good 1st effort and please don't be put off by the lukewarm responses to it.. I hope it encourages you to immediately start on your next remix and I look forward to hearing it..

Review by Poke16384

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