C64Audio Classics

by Chris Abbott, mostly
C64Audio Classics Label
Overall album score
 76% - Very Good

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Chris Abbott has done a lot of remixing over the years. A lot of the earliest stuff is here: some of it even disappeared from RKO because it was pretty basic (though sounds nice anyway), some of it I'm really proud of. But since there's nowhere else on the Net to get it, this free collection is yours! Enjoy!

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Bionic Commando Chris Abbott 59% 
1-02 Chimera Chris Abbott 84% 
1-03 Confuzion Chris Abbott 75% 
1-04 Elektraglide Abbott/Izzard 75% 
1-05 Elite Chris Abbott 76% 
1-06 Last Ninja - Wastelands Loader Chris Abbott 75% 
1-07 Lightforce 2000 Chris Abbott 75% 
1-08 RMC 2 Chris Abbott 75% 
1-09 Ocean Loader 2 Chris Abbott 85% 
1-10 Super Pipeline II Chris Abbott 70% 
1-11 The World is My Oyster (guest track) Jogeir Liljedahl 84% 
1-12 Thundercats Chris Abbott 81% 
1-13 Times of Lore Chris Abbott 82%