Crystal Dreamscapes

by Chris Abbott
Crystal Dreamscapes CD Label
Total playing time
65 min
Overall album score
 77% - Very Good

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One of the most innovative Commodore remix CDs ever created. Beautiful and inspiring, it delivers a stream of uninterrupted consciousness ideal for programming, chilling, or even soothing a child! Most tracks on this CD are based on Commodore 64 tunes, though the names of the tracks have been changed so as to enhance its universal appeal, and to avoid puncturing the delicate reality it spins. Highlights include the liquid crystalline cavern sound of Chimera (Here called Liquid Crystal), melancholy transforming to joy in Trap (here called Dusk before Dawn), and the ultimate joy of two Tim Follin LED Storm reworks. Priced to fulfil its spiritual mission!

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
0-01 Thanatos Chris Abbott 75% 
0-02 Light And Dark Various 53% 
1-01 Liquid Crystal Rob Hubbard 3:37 84% 
1-02 Alien Dreams Chris Abbott 8:23 85% 
1-03 Parallax Visions Chris Abbott 3:40 87% 
1-04 The Cosmos Awakes Chris Abbott 4:28 85% 
1-05 Nebulae Drift Marcel Donné 2:18 75% 
1-06 Dark Before Dawn Ben Daglish and Chris Abbott 7:26 75% 
1-07 Into the Light Chris Abbott 4:35 64% 
1-08 Ancestors o2 4:48 87% 
1-09 Wave Ascent Tim Follin 2:15 75% 
1-10 Crystal Spirits Chris Abbott 5:23 81% 
1-11 Welcome Home Tim Follin 3:23 75% 
1-12 Cosmic Carousel Ben Daglish 10:08 81% 
1-13 Daybreak Chris Abbott 4:14 75%