Bitlive 3 Report

It was the first time I have visited London, since I was a teenager, so I was not really looking forward to what I thought would be a nightmare journey. I left for London after Michael Owen had put us (England) in the lead. By the time I had got to the train station we were loosing 2 – 1. The result stayed the same and we were out!. Brazil later went on to win the competition beating Germany.

I arrived in London bang on schedule (pretty much of a miracle considering how English trains run these days). First things first: Find the hotel. This was fortuitously easy. However we had to negotiate our way around London via tube! Not being familiar with the tube system in London I wasn’t relishing the prospect. However it didn’t turn out to be quite as daunting as first thought, and soon got to grips with it.

Myself and a friend agreed to meet Markus, Sunflower, Jan, Thorfinn and Slaygon. The latter had brought his girlfriend to enjoy the fun. This was certainly a good move, as Jan already knew where Gossips was.

We arrived at Gossips with about ½ an hour to spare. Good thing as it happened, as there were already quite a few people there. When we finally entered the club, it was already obvious this place was gonna be crammed full, and so it turned out to be exactly the case.

The club was small, and obviously demand was high.. So high in fact that the demand seemed to catch out the organisers, and some people had to queue until midnight to get in. Already it’s being suggested that bitlive 4 will have to be held in at a larger venue.

Ok a rundown of the people I met at bitlive….

* LMan (An all round nice guy, and always a pleasure to meet my partner in crime) Sunflower (an all round nice gal) * Jan Lund Thomsen (funny guy, who has never forgot that I got them lost in Birmingham for two hours before bitlive 1) * Glyn R. Brown (Exactly what I had expected from our various e-mails, A nice, Friendly, and funny guy. A little shorter than I expected tho. ) * Marcel Donne (Now he Likes his beer😉 ) * Thorfinn (but this guy likes it better😉 ) * DHS (friendly, warm… He went outside at some point and the bouncers wouldn’t let him back in 😒 ) * Andrew Fisher (Another nice guy (hey everyone was nice 😊 ) * Mike Gommans (got the impression here I talked too much, and he often didn’t understand me. Maybe too much of the old beer did that!) * Instant Remedy: probably the most handsome remixer on the scene. Where’s my paper bag😉 ) * Chris Abbott (busy busy busy ) Kenz (I spoke to him at one point, and it was obvious he had no idea who I was😉 ) * Everyone else who asked me about Swedish reviewers. Ah, yes thanks for that on the name tag chris😉 ) * Ben Daglish (mr. Hyper himself. He’s a very funny guy 😊 ) * Seth Sternberger (A nice chap and another guy who was smaller than I expected)

There were many more people who I was gonna talk too and possibly did but you know how the booze affects the old gray matter, but the night passed by far too quickly, and the opportunity was lost.. At least for one year anyway.

On sale was many items including the new releases of Galway remixed, Instant Remedy and remix64 alongside the new issue of Zzap64. I remembered saying to Thorfinn, have you bought the remix64 CD yet?. He said no, but if you do a collect and deliver service I will. So he gave me the money, and I bought it for him. Felt very strange when I said can I buy a copy of remix64 at the bitlive stall.

There were various acts, but I wasn’t able to see many of them due to the lack of space near the performace area. I did manage to see PPOT, who really took my breath away.. Not just on their playing skills, but also on a wonderful video which was produced magnificently. Hats off to you guys. You were spectacular!

A great addition to PPOT was a violinist who played several parts, but what really was amazing was the remix of Monty on the run, which the violinist played at full speed, and ofcourse on the flute was ben daglish who played aufwiedersehn Monty, and Krakout Live alongside PPOT.

The other performaces which sadly I missed was Octave sounds, Machinae Supremacy and Seth Sternberger.

7:30pm till 3pm past by without noticing. And before I knew it was time to go. I personally had a great time even with the sardine factor being a pain. Am I looking forward to bitlive 4??? You bet I am.!