review by Andrew Fisher exclusively for REMIX64

Many people brought things to sell at this amazing event in the Gossips nightclub, and many people bought them! Let’s have a look at what was on offer..


If you’ve never heard of Bouff, her real name is Emily Booth and she appeared on the Channel 4 series BITS, the latest in a long line of programs that tried to cover the games industries. It was most notable for it’s female presenters, and lucky old Jason Kenz Mackenzie somehow ended up running her official merchandise website.
(Jealousy rating 9.8/10 - he gets to be at the photo-shoots!)
On the night Kenz was selling posters, T-shirts, photos and DVD’s featuring the lovely Bouff, and even persuaded the lovely Ann Hepplethwaite to model a T-shirt for him. There was even a topical picture of Bouff in patriotic St. George’s cross underpants - but England had lost 2-1 to Brazil that morning..
(Temptation rating 8.6/10 - I managed to resist somehow!)


Very clever advertising poster for this mini-stand - Just dangerous? Become ‘Elite’ with this classic T-shirt. The shirt had an image from the game on the front and an Elite logo on the back and retailed for just £5. Even more impressively, he was giving away free vinyl - an LP from an obscure German band who sampled Green Beret and Arkanoid on some of the tracks.

(Wearability rating 7.9/10 - nice looking T-shirt, difficult to transport the vinyl home)

ZZAP! 64 ISSUE 107

The dodgy looking geezer in the corner with a box of magazines was Iain Black, also known as Subzero and the guy behind Cameron Davis started the project, and the result was a big bunch of .pdf files you could download and print yourself. But people wanted more - so a batch of printed magazines was duly ordered. So what do you get for your £9? A 36-page magazine, full colour throughout and with an amazing Oliver Frey cover. There’s reviews of games like Metal Warrior 3, regular columns like Lloyd Mangram and the White Wizard and Waz (Warren Pilkington) doing the tips. What are you waiting for? Another impressive option was the CD archive. 2.5 gigabytes of data cover 5 CD’s - every page of every issue has been scanned in by Mort, and all the Megatapes are on there too. (Lastability rating 9.2/10 - until the next issue comes out in 6-12 months time 😊 )


Chris Abbott, purveyor of CD’s to the SID-starved masses, had the biggest stall of all, with other people’s stuff being flogged from it at an incredible rate. Among the goodies on offer were:
C64Audio -


you could get any of the three albums, and also a unique inlay booklet for the original CD signed by legends like Robb Hubbard and Martin Galway.
(Buyability rating 8.1/10 - you should already have them by now!)
Back In Time 3 Live Poster


the experimental album looks very impressive in it’s DVD case, and sounds great on your first listen. The only problem is the CD+ stuff won’t run on my PC, and the tracks have all been remixed extensively elsewhere.
(Tranceability rating 7.7/10 - a brave attempt)


IR has gone for a full-on dance album, and done a very good job, although more work could have been done on the tune endings.
(Danceability rating 7.9/10 - dance till you drop)


by Reyn Ouwehand is an instant classic, full of Galway’s swirling compositions and Reyn’s impressive orchestration - without ruining the flavour of the original.
(Relaxability 8.9/10 - mellow out, man)


you can read my full review elsewhere on the REMIX64 site, but suffice it to say I was VERY impressed with the quality. I got to meet Neil Carr as well, and we had a frank and open discussion about personal opinions.. no, really!
(Reviewability 8.8/10 - great album, nice guy)
Remix64 - The CD


appeared live, playing such classics as Warhawk, Aztec Challenge and Krakout (with Benn Daglish on flute). The album was also available, and you can check out my review at
(Rockability 8.7/10 - sounds as good on the recording as they do live)
PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - Loading Ready Run CD

There were also albums from BJORN LYNNE and an AMIGA REMIX CD which I decided not to buy due to lack of funds.


The long hair, glasses, weird clothes.. no, it’s not Ozzy Osbourne, it’s the High Priest of Gameplay - Jeff Minter. Sadly I didn’t get to talk to him, but you could get hold of the PC remakes of his games. You could also pretend to be him and buy the development language Blitz Basic.
(Programmability 8.3/10 - well done to Kooldog for keeping the legend alive, and to Blitz Basic for allowing young men to program in their bedrooms again!)


Conveniently located along one side of the main room, prices would have seemed VERY expensive for anyone from north of Watford (Too Damn right they were. Viva Sheffield where i payed £1.10 a pint instead of £3.00 - Ed.), but the bar staff were friendly and there was plenty of variety of alcohol.