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The Remix64 voting system

A current peek into the inner workings of the Remix64 voting and charts engine.

The Reunion

The place: Waterhouse pub, Manchester.
The date: 28-29th November

The Scene

In this article, Craig Grannell (art editor of the recent Zzap!64 magazine) shares his views about charts, the quality of free and commercial mixes, and The Scene in general.

The Secret History of Richard Joseph

While many of you appreciate Richard Joseph as being an excellent computer game musician, cutting his teeth on the C64 with classics like Rimrunner and Barbarian, and then later on the Amiga et al, this should come as no surprise, as Warren Pilkington reveals, Richard’s background of actually being a talented musician dates back from his progressive rock days.

Under The Microscope: Glyn R Brown

An investigation behind one of the greatest talents known to the remixing community.

Voting System - THE FACTS

After much debate, i have decided to write an article about the voting system and it's/our workings. I'm hoping that there is a clear piture just on how we go about our system.