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The Reunion

The place: Waterhouse pub, Manchester.
The date: 28-29th November

BITLive Brighton Preview

Well it's that time again isn't it? When many of us skulking behind our little desktop pc's emerge from the dead. The time where we put faces to names and sids to sidders and lets face it a good excuse for a piss-up of giant proportions (Abso-blumin-lutely as Marcel Donne would say).

Progression, not Regression

Fed up of Last Ninja? Bored by Sanxion? Warren is. Here's his reasoned plea for the remixers and the audience to widen their likes beyond the popular...

Preview of Remix64 v2: Into Eternity

Andrew Fisher continues his writings on Remix64 V2: Into Eternity by this time previewing the CD which gives an indication on how the CD has been tackled.

Remix64 v2: The Games

INTO ETERNITY – THE GAMES - Review by Andrew Fisher - When I looked at the preview page on the Remix64 site, I was struck by the unusual idea of adding the games and the original SID to download as well as the clip from the new CD. So, here are my...

Hitting the High Notes: Delta

Andrew Merman Fisher takes a look at the various ways in which this seminal Rob Hubbard tune has been covered. Wooo!

SID - The Rock n Roll Years

Rob Hubbard and the pioneering SID musicians were like rock 'n roll gods of their day: creative, free and passionate about their art... or in some cases, the cash! In this article written by Chris Abbott for "Edge" Magazine, the composers reminisce in their own words about what it was like to work in that exciting time...

BITLive Germany Preview

It all started of in the summer of 2001, when Chris Abbott of played host to the first ever c64 remix party. Club DNA in Birmingham was the location. The club was one of the most hi-tech clubs in the north of England and around 250 people flocked to witness the groundbreaking event.

Voting System - THE FACTS

After much debate, i have decided to write an article about the voting system and it's/our workings. I'm hoping that there is a clear piture just on how we go about our system.

The Scene

In this article, Craig Grannell (art editor of the recent Zzap!64 magazine) shares his views about charts, the quality of free and commercial mixes, and The Scene in general.