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Bring And Buy

A light-hearted review of the products that were on sale at Bitlive 3. With some ratings just for fun!

BITLive 3 London

It was the first time I have visited London, since I was a teenager, so I was not really looking forward to what I thought would be a nightmare journey. I left for London after Michael Owen had put us (England) in the lead. By the time I had got to the train station we were loosing 2 – 1. The result stayed the same and we were out!. Brazil later went on to win the competition beating Germany.

Producing A Scene Related CD

Thomas Boecker of Merregnon and Dan Wright of Audiophonik give their thoughts on how they produced their Scene related CD's.

8-Bit Weapon

Recently Remix64 became aware of an exciting development in the world of remixing. It appears that a new c64 remix CD is in the making. Seth Sternberger has been working on a new Album called "The 8-bit Weapon". The CD is set for a summer 2002 release.

BITLive 1 Birmingham Preview

Back In Time Live Birmingham 2001
  • The Date: 16th May 2001
  • The Time: 7:30pm
  • The Place: DNA Nightclub Birmingham.
  • The Event: Back In Time LIVE


A world full of mystery, intreague, and adventure. A world of Dragons, Magicians, and damsels in distress. You know the story. The
story of honour, valour, and virtue. A story we all secretly live in within the heart and minds of ourselves. Have you ever asked yourselves,
"Wouldn't it be great to live in such a world."? Merregnon is that place, and the soundtrack helps recreate that dream we all hold in our