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by Greyfox
30/06/2011 - 17:56
Forum: C64 / Amiga Remix Releases
Topic: AMIGA Revisited 2011 - Tim Wright Amiga Music Compilation
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Re: AMIGA Revisited 2011 - Tim Wright Amiga Music Compilatio

Brilliant stuff..really enjoyed listening to them...
by Greyfox
29/06/2011 - 10:51
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: Viva Amiga - New Documentary Film
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Viva Amiga - New Documentary Film

did a search on the forum and seen this hasn't been mentioned I started a thread to promote this forthcoming Documentary by Zach Weddington, tracing the history of the Amiga Computer, the people who worked there, brand new and exclusive interviews with some of the men and women behind the A...
by Greyfox
29/06/2011 - 10:43
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: Introduce yourself here!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

hello All , finally got time to join up , I did some tracking in the amiga days, nothing special by all stretch of the imagination and being following some great musical talent here at the remix64 forum, so I hope to learn some new tricks..I'm also involved with a movie project called Viva Amiga: th...