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by tom
16/01/2003 - 8:46
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: Catagorising Remixes at RKO
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my vote is NO!: I think i would miss some good remixes if they would be in catagories. 'Coz i am not really a Jazz or Rock-Music Fan and if there would have been catagories already, then the kinda Rockremix of "GIANA SISTERS" had never seen any bytes of my harddrive! :wink: But there were no catagor...
by tom
06/01/2003 - 17:02
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: What's your preferred *minimum* bitrate?
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:) 128 kbps/44 kHz i think this is okydoke ! But i will switch to 160kbps to keep the high freq. clear !!!