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by LMan
23/01/2003 - 18:13
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: The Remix Review Funktion
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Yeah I might add that some time. For now, you can use the search at the charts page. There you can see if there are reviews for a certain tune or a certain arranger - not for a specific reviewer tho.


- Markus
by LMan
21/01/2003 - 7:13
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: ROTY 2001
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There, back online. ROTY 2001 can be accessed from the bottom of the ROTY 2002 page. :)

- Markus
by LMan
21/01/2003 - 6:33
Forum: C64 / Amiga Remix Releases
Topic: Ocean Loader 2 (Dance X-Periment)
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Kudos to Sonic, indeed. :D

- Markus

:idea: Giving "Kudos" is a gesture of respect, meaning honor :wink:
by LMan
17/01/2003 - 10:46
Forum: Work In Progress, remix suggestions, and musicians talk
Topic: Congrats, Pex! :)
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Sorry guys, my fault :oops: ... Most Innovative Mix results now online. :)
by LMan
15/01/2003 - 7:40
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: Catagorising Remixes at RKO
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Oh, I loved the ArseApella mix. Got a copy on my HD for sure :)
by LMan
06/01/2003 - 10:37
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: What's your preferred *minimum* bitrate?
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I wouldn't recommend making VBR a requirement, since some hardware/software still can't manage them properly.

- Markus
by LMan
11/12/2002 - 14:07
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: Getting rid of the old Board
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Getting rid of the old Board

Well, since all topics of the old messageboards have died out now, I feel I could do a little site-cleanup and remove the old board.

What do you think?

- Markus :)
by LMan
02/12/2002 - 11:27
Forum: Events & Broadcasting
Topic: C64 Party in Germany?
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A german party would be great, but I'm not the "go and get it done" type of person either... anybody :?:
by LMan
02/12/2002 - 11:05
Forum: Work In Progress, remix suggestions, and musicians talk
Topic: Compo: win this and you take home a naked girl!
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Excellent idea, DHS. That way I could take part in the compo, too... FINALLY! :D