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by FFRenzy
18/12/2005 - 20:46
Forum: C64 / Amiga Remix Releases
Topic: Cannon Fodder Video from CRC 2005!
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OMFG !!! I was listening that night, and imagined how this would have looked...well, it exceeds even my wildest imagination, this is f(beep)ing brilliant ! :D
by FFRenzy
17/12/2005 - 23:13
Forum: Fun Forum
Topic: [GAME] Image Association Game #2
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by FFRenzy
17/12/2005 - 21:30
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: My remix wanted for NON-PROFIT movie.
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Wow Dimmignatt !
It's great to hear someone other than us geeks in here appreciate your music ( ah well, some of it, you know what i mean :wink: )
I hope it all works out for you !
by FFRenzy
16/12/2005 - 23:02
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: hey Boz....
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Chris Abbott wrote:
DHS wrote:i was asking, because of this...
That poem kind of implies he's still there... unless there are lines I'm not reading between :)

erm, POEM ? maybe you missed the link to the MP3 at the top of that page...
It rivals the fillipino christmas-song !
by FFRenzy
16/12/2005 - 12:24
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: Should RKO start using BitTorrent for downloads?
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AS an avid downloader i think using bittorrent for RKO would be great for "archived tracks" but not for more recent ones. i'd suggest having the tracks of last year downloadable on a per-track basis, like now. Tracks older than those could go into packs, that are downloadable using BT. A pack per mo...