Amiga: "wild streets" remix request

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Amiga: "wild streets" remix request

Post by kristof » 11/07/2015 - 13:55

Hello :worship:

I am currently working (totally for the fun) on a PC remake of a french game called "Wild streets". It is an Amiga game with some nice arts but totally crappy gameplay.

Here is original game:

As I am a pro game developper, I already developped a plateformer game engine. I have ripped all arts from Amiga game (using an original rip technic with a modified winUAE version that save to Graphic file all sprites displayed with blitter).
I have quickly put arts in my game engine, it give this:

The audio of the original game is also crap. It is a sample that endlessly loop.

I will release a playable version of first level in the end of july. If someone is looking for a nice remix to do, i will add it in the game.

As I am a total fan of C64 kwed, I am sure someone will get my request here :-)

C64 and Amiga rules

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