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Please read before you request!

Posted: 29/02/2004 - 12:02
by Larsec
1) Please be sure to mention if it's a tune from the Amiga or from the C64.

2) Please be sure to include information on where the tune is located; HVSC path and subtune for C64 tunes and where the tune can be downloaded if it's for the Amiga.

Use SIDFind if you are not sure where a certain C64 tune is located...

3) Any information on what you have invisioned the tune to be may also be helpful

Example 1:

"A remix of Lightforce would be nice..." <--- Bad

Example 2:

"A remix of Lightforce would be nice... It's from a C64 game and it can be found in the HVSC /Hubbard_Rob/Lightforce.sid... I always thought of this as a guitar driven power chord kinda remix... Thank you in advance." <--- Much better