Wanted: surround SID remix

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Wanted: surround SID remix

Post by LaLa »

After listening to Jarre's "Aero" and Bjorn Lynne's "Soothe" I thought: why not have a SID remix in 5.1 surround?

These days programs like Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition have built-in surround editing capabilities. You don't even have to have expensive Dolby or DTS encoders for DVD distribution: Windows Media Player 9 and higher supports surround playback in Windows Media Audio files. So, the technology is readily available.

Question is: who will be the first one to produce a decent SID remix in true 5.1 surround? It can be any tune in any style, I don't care - as long as I hear distinct sounds coming from my rear speakers, too. :D

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Post by Feekzoid »

Already done it ;)

My platoon mix,and a couple of others are mastered in 5.1, I keep a DTS file of each.

Thinking of doing a new one and releasing tho.

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