My Five Absolute Favorites

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My Five Absolute Favorites

Post by Rubinstein » 03/06/2012 - 16:05

The entire list in my revious thread was (embarrassingly) massive, and the shorter list in the starting message for those who do not have time to go through everything (probably most people) was longish as well. However, out of those songs that have escaped remixing thus far, there are five that I have ended up liking most.

AFAIK, these have not been remixed yet. The original files can be found there too if you want to see the SIDs and modules. (There are several links as a matter of precaution if someone bumps this thread after many years.)


Mounty Mick's Deathride
Author: Ben Daglish
Copyright: 1987 Gremlin Graphic
(Sub)tune(s): 1 of 1 (startsong)
HVSC Path: /MUSICIANS/D/Daglish_Ben/Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid ... thride.sid (Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid) ... thride.sid (Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid) ... thride.sid (Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid) ... thride.sid (Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid) ... thride.sid (Mounty_Micks_Deathride.sid) ... 6581R2.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with MOS 6581R2) ... 6581R4.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with MOS 6581R4) ... 8580R5.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with CSG 8580R5)
Comment: How can this have escaped remixing? (The soundtrack of Mounty Mick's Deathride used in a cracktro by Eagle Soft Incorporated; in reality the tune plays faster than on this video) (The soundtrack of Mounty Mick's Deathride with some gameplay)

Sugary Tune
Author: Riku Kangas (Flotsam)
Copyright: 1990 Palace
(Sub)tune(s): 1 of 1 (startsong)
HVSC Path: /MUSICIANS/F/Flotsam/Sugary_Tune.sid ... y_Tune.sid (Sugary_Tune.sid) ... y_Tune.sid (Sugary_Tune.sid) ... y_Tune.sid (Sugary_Tune.sid) ... y_Tune.sid (Sugary_Tune.sid) ... y_Tune.sid (Sugary_Tune.sid) ... 6581R2.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with MOS 6581R2) ... 6581R4.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with MOS 6581R4) ... 8580R5.mp3 (SOASC MP3 with CSG 8580R5)
Comment: This sounds definitely like some 80's danceroom hit with its simple yet danceable and upbeat melody! (The title of the song is very revealing.) As for the catchiness of the song, this is in fact one of the most powerful SID tunes that I've heard (despite its simpleness)... Could this, however, be a cover of some (popular) 80's song? The melody sounds strangely familiar.


Song title: Arcane
Filename(s): Either "arcane.mod", "arcane2.mod" OR "MOD.arcane"
Year: N/A
Format: MOD (4-channel ProTracker module sound data)
Handle/Alias/Composer: N/A
Real Name: N/A
Lived in: N/A
Was a member of: N/A
Comment: The files "arcane.mod", "MOD.arcane" and "arcane2.mod" sound completely identical but "arcane2.mod" has a different filesize: "arcane.mod" & "MOD.arcane" = 92 KB whereas "arcane2.mod" = 94 KB.
None of the sources that I checked seem to confirm who actually composed this tune. However, in case anyone knows the real author of this tune, please feel free to tell us. Someone wrote for the comment section of the YouTube video below that the style is reminiscent of Rogue Male who (from what I gather) was relatively well known in the scene back in the day. ... arcane.mod ------> "arcane.mod" ... rcane2.mod ------> "arcane2.mod" ... arcane.mod ------> "arcane.mod" ... rcane2.mod ------> "arcane2.mod" ------> "MOD.arcane" ("Arcane" posted on YouTube) ... 01_ORG.mp3 (SOAMC Original MP3) ... 01_MIX.mp3 (SOAMC Stereomix MP3)

Song title: Boom! And She Cums!
Filename(s): "boom! and she cums!.mod", "MOD.boom! and she cums!", "den-boom.mod" & "mod.boom!_and_she_cums!"
Year: 1992 (?)
Format: MOD (4-channel ProTracker module sound data)
Handle Alias/Composer: Nightshade (Ex.Handles: Night-Shade, AB, AJB, NS, Andrew Barnabas, Andrew J. Barnabas, Andy Barnabas, Barn)
Real Name: Andrew James Barnabas
Lived in: United Kingdom
Was a member of: Amiga Musicians Freeware Magazine (AM/FM - AMFM), Crusaders (CRS), Dens Design, Ecstasy (XTC), The Pornos, The Silents (TSL), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)
Comment: Content-wise, all the modules seem to be identical to one another, with each one of them having the runtime of 4:13 and size of 278KB. IMHO, this is one of the best modules ever for the Amiga. This tune certainly deserves a remix. ... 0cums!.mod -------> "boom! and she cums!.mod" -------> "MOD.boom! and she cums!" ... n-boom.mod -------> "den-boom.mod" -------> "mod.boom!_and_she_cums!" ... -------> "mod.boom!_and_she_cums!" ... 01_ORG.mp3 -------> (SOAMC Original MP3) ... 01_MIX.mp3 -------> (SOAMC Stereomix MP3) (Boom! And She Cums! on YouTube)

Last Ninja 3 (Level 4 Tune)
Filename: np3.level_4
Game/Ouwehand_Reyn/Last_Ninja_3.lha ... inja_3.lha ... 01_ORG.mp3 (SOAMC Original MP3) ... 01_MIX.mp3 (SOAMC Stereomix MP3)
(Sub)tune(s): 1 of 1 (startsong)
Composer(s): Reyn Ouwehand
Team(s): System 3
Publisher(s): System 3
Music Format(s): NoisePacker 3.x
Year published: 1991
Comment: I regard this as the best song of the Amiga port of LN3. A relatively melancholic, oriental song. Imagine the medieval China and some poor peasant there suffering from long-term exhaustion and malnutrition, and a cruel, fierce samurai (Japanese of course), with a ferocious countenance and glaring eyes, flogging the peasant to force him to toil harder in the field from morning till night without the least hope of ever enriching himself. :p With the help of this description, you've got just about the right atmosphere of this song! LOL! ;D (Last Ninja 3 level 4 tune on YouTube)

Just say what you think!

(Of course, I also like Last Ninja, Giana Sisters and all those well-known songs. In face, they're on my list of favorites, but there are already dozens of arrangements available of them.)

By the way, to paraphrase a comment from my massive list in the previous post, I have always been a little taken aback by the resentment that some people seem to hold towards the Amiga soundtrack of Last Ninja 3. At least I'm of the opinion that most songs in the Amiga version of LN3 sound quite impressive. (Hmmh, it's weird that some people have taken up a somewhat negative attitude towards the actual game in the first place! I admit that it was painstakingly difficult and frustrating at times but in my opinion it still makes for quite a decent play as a whole. However, my yearning for the good ol' Amiga days with LN3 may, of course, have affected my opinion to a great extent. I don't know what kind of reaction I would have if I saw the game now for the very first time. Nostalgia can have damaging effects.)

For some reason, most people seem to prefer the C64 version of the LN3 soundtrack.

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Re: My Five Absolute Favorites

Post by Jan Lund Thomsen » 07/06/2012 - 6:23

Rubinstein wrote: Mounty Mick's Deathride
Comment: How can this have escaped remixing?
It hasn't escaped remixing - Wobbler did a REALLY good version.

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Re: My Five Absolute Favorites

Post by wobbler » 20/12/2012 - 13:04

Thanks Jan. Yes, that one was something I made after many years of silence from yours truly. Kids take... well, time from other things.

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