ATARI 2600 effects samples and playtest demo!

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ATARI 2600 effects samples and playtest demo!

Post by Commie_User » 12/02/2013 - 22:54

What better a cuckold than the Atari 2600 and a pile of classic games to steal me back from the 64? Especially with a pile of chopped-out sound effects as its dowry.

Watch this space as I may update them.
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Roll in the gold here:

Perhaps the only thing better is a modded Atari with MIDI, Synthcart and SD card. But I'm happy to make do with these and VSTi such as Plogue Chiptunes.

These quick doodles instantly sounded as distinctive as the granddaddy of consoles always did:

Everyone should make music like this. Then computers will again sound like computers. Proper computers, with only eight colours and AM radio-quality rompling.

MY PREVIOUS SAMPLERY: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8315

I always loved the fancy sounds of Atari games but hated the noise on the RF output. So when the latest Stella sounded good and allowed me to restore the hard-panned stereo of the prototype system, I jumped at the chance of some tea-leafing.
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An old jingle but one showing the Atari sound can add that extra standout spice. If only people released game console music modules earlier, instead of waiting until Mario Paint to try it.

These lovely sonics were dubbed from the emulator via a 24 bit Sound Blaster Live USB and into a very nice M-Audio Delta 66. Classics all the way. Barring a modded output from the actual Atari.
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