Some of my original works

For those who want to post remixes from other platforms or show off their original work. Post them here!
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Some of my original works

Post by Totta » 11/03/2011 - 11:25

Here are some of my original works. I think you will like them.
A Jarre inspired original composition.
An 80's disco tune with a little bit Last Ninja inspiration in the middle
Inspired a little by Daglish but with a chord sequence from Galway in the middle
A serious attempt to make orchestral music in the style of Hans Zimmer
A sad but uplifting work in the style of Vangelis
I went all out on this one making a song with lots of energy
Actually written to accompany an commercial video I created. You can find it here:
A slow piece with a melody I like
A quick little tune where I just had some fun

Oh, yeah. My C64-remix from Bulldog of course:

All music made with Renoise 2.0
Hope you like them

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