Flappy Bird and other contemporaries for the 8-bits

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Flappy Bird and other contemporaries for the 8-bits

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I might just be a complete retard but here's another pointless craze I only discover when it's discontinued: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flappy_Bird

But then, I still play with the Commodore 64. A platform for which there is a version: http://sos.gd/flappy64/

Suits it too. Put out in '85, it would've blended right in with all the little games of the time. However even with that simplicity, Iphone users had it pulled for its pointlessness. But nursed at the Atari's teat, I think it's perfectly fine.

More useful, I gather, would be a Twitter client for the ZX Spectrum or Commie.


..Or a chatroom thing for the 64.

I'd like to send email. At last a 'reason' to buy a cable modem plugin for the old boy: http://home.arcor.de/jochen.adler/ajnhome.htm

Probably a good way to send some selfies in Image System format through the ether, to someone who cares by a million-to-one chance: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8187




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