New SID to MIDI conversion tool

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Re: New SID to MIDI conversion tool

Post by M3wP »

I've put a hint in the readme now, too.

Edit: And I've added the readme to all of the distribution archives.

Edit again: I've added a selection of examples to the distribution.
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Re: New SID to MIDI conversion tool

Post by fabioc64 »

hi Daniel, I didn't find your direct email to talk to you privately, I hope you'll be available to answer me here!
I am very interested in your program, but on the site where you uploaded the program you developed but there are so many files to download and I don't know if they are for my operating system! i use windows 7 and 10!
I haven't downloaded any files, and I don't know if it runs inside another program since I haven't found an .exe file.
can you clarify my ideas by answering here or better still through a guide on youtube where you explain how to convert from sid to midi?
what interests me is having a midi complete with notes, pitch bend, pwm automation and filter cutoff autmation.
thank you in advance for your support and if there is any other forum member who knows how to run the program help me!
I hope I can have fun and use its potential.
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