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daXX Remixes

Post by daXX » 02/06/2018 - 17:14

Hey guys,

As some of you already noticed i deleted my Amiga Remixes from here.
I don't want to explain anymore why. It's just my decision and it have to be accepted.

BUT: I have seen that some people still publish my remixes on youtube, soundcloud etc without asking for my permission!
I don't know if some of you guys are here who lead those Youtube and Soundcloud Channels.

But if so, please delete my Music from your channels ASAP.
If someone of you know those guys who lead those channels, please give them a note to this thread!

I have already tried to reach those guys on youtube without any reaction.
soundcloud sadly just not offer contact without having an account. But i'll find a solution there.

So here public for all:

It's not allowed to share my music on youtube, soundcloud or other plattforms and absolutely NOT with monetizing it without my permission.
It's not allowed to sell my music digital or physical without my permission or without a contract/agreement.

If i find my remixes on youtube i will claim for copyright infringement without further warnings.
If youtube then decide to ban your channel, even with thousands of followers, it is not my problem anymore!!
I just asked for weeks and month of it and now i'm tired of it!!

I do not wish any discussion here, so it would be great to close the thread.
People can still contact me at daxx@ravebusters.com - There we can talk about conditions and agreements!

Cheers and Good bye