What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by Amok »

2008 was a pretty good year for me:

- got married
- my family was healthy
- changed the job
- i was even able to save same money
- started to make music again and improved my music skills a bit
- became a part of this community

there was so many positive things in 2008 and even the bad things turned out to good for me...

And the best of all: atm it looks like 2009 will even become a better year for my family and me... :)

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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by Lagerfeldt »

tom wrote:Let me know ..
was 2008 a good year for you , or like for me, one of the worst years ever ?
What do you want to change in 2009 , or do you wish nothing should change anyway ?
Ah that sucks Thomas. Keep your head up, things will change I'm sure.

2008 was yet another great year here in all areas (apart from the stock market!).

-We got a new place to live in my favourite part of Copenhagen (Frederiksberg)
-I'm seeing my baby boy grow up, and it's so much fun
-We started sponsoring a child in Asia via SOS Kinderdorf
-I've been meeting with my friends regularly all year
-I'm getting in shape by training Krav Maga fighting
-My business is expanding and business is extremely good
-I got my Apple Certified Trainer diploma

My goals for 2009 are:

-Expanding my business even more (I'm finalizing a new company called Institute of Audio Engineering)
-Keep enjoying my wife and son, and getting one more baby :-)
-Organizing free studio time for refugee camp children in Denmark who frankly aren't getting what they deserve in a rich country like ours. A disgrace.
-Finally getting another C64 remix finished...

Markus Schneider
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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by Markus Schneider »


2008 was an extremely hard year due to working. The main thing is that all that hard working seems to be not lucrative at all, especially if you divide hours to money.
I am quite pleased that there had been - luckily - some really good music contracts, mainly for advertising. But a pity I didn't wrote a remix ... well, but no one seems to miss it at all ;)

I dunno what 2009 will bring us / me, but it seems that this is anyway different for people regarding this thread. But I guess Internet will bring earnings to its limit, commercially all over the world (except Apple, Microsoft and all energy distributors ^^)

More and more my goal for 2009 seems to be less earnings, but much spare time. Just because the different way don't seem to make it.

PS: Sorry Thomas, that I hadn't replied to your mail. At least my private mail is more or less not in use, just due to limited spare time at all.
PPS: Chris, you mean your unfinished music pieces on your hdd, right ?
PPPS: Pex, I am pretty sure you'll hold this ;) (like me)

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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by C64GLeN »

Another Big Goal for 2009 I should have mentioned earlier is to cover the scene more on ObscureInternet. Having interviews, music and links with/to scene people and sites.

I should really get my finger out and get that sorted.

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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by Razmo »

Well... in my case 2009 will be goaled for:

1. Fighting my case for social retirement in the danish social system, which is an outright pain in the neck to be honest...

2. Fighting Social Anxiety, so that I dare open my front door, when I do not know who is on the other side...

3. Learning to live with Asperger's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder which I was diagnosed with in 2008. Finding strengths and weaknesses, and learning to cope and live with them.

4. Fight depressions.

5. Give in to my OCD like hoarding of hardware music gear :roll:

6. Make some SERIOUS C64 remixes... it's about time something happens :)
Regards, Jess D. Skov-Nielsen (Razmo).

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Re: What is your big goal for 2009 ??!!

Post by Analog-X64 »

Razmo wrote: 6. Make some SERIOUS C64 remixes... it's about time something happens :)
Looking forward to that.. and I was starting to wonder where you went. :)

Glad to see you are still active.
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