Sonus Super Sequencer review

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Sonus Super Sequencer review

Post by Commie_User »

I had a pleasant little find whilst thumbing through my old studio magazines, books I keep just as proudly as my copies of The Games Machine and other interesting publications:

That is the review for Sonus Super Sequencer, in amongst an 8-bit studio software special. Interesting to note that even by 1987, the Atari ST and PC-compatibles dominated the marketplace so much that even the cheaper Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPCs didn't get much of a look in even for home recording. Even when the likes of Sonus bothered to have a range of serous sequencing packages for the Commie too.

The review goes well with the software itself which I also uploaded some time ago:

Try it and enjoy some 'old-school' sequencing fun.

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Re: Sonus Super Sequencer review

Post by tomtam »

Hi - this link after almost 10 years is dead. Could you share "Sonus Super Sequencer for C64" file, this time with me? I bought it in 1986 for $250, but later sold it out. It's a matter of big nostalgia. Help me, plz, get this application one more time.

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